Friday, 13 February 2015


1989: Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe was an educational project for the young people from Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. 
Our aim was to DEVELOP A BOARD GAME depicting the events called Autumn of the Nations, that is fall of communism in the Eastern Europe in 1989.

We organised the international events – meetings for the people from the Eastern European countries. There will be 3 events:

April 18-20 2015 in KRAKOW, POLAND - SUMMARY

July 18-20 2015 in KOSICE, SLOVAKIA - 

September 26-28 2015 in DETA/TIMISOARA, ROMANIA - 

Each event included:

  • Presentation of the events associated with the fall of communism and the year 1989 in: Czechoslovakia, Germany, Poland, Romania: seminars, meetings with expertsa and witnesses of 1989, film projections, city tours
  • Board game development workshop run by proffesional board game editor
  • Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) in the year 1989
  • Photographic workshop

The attendance was 100% free for all the participants (including travel and accommodation costs)!


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The Project „1989: Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Development of the Strategic Game for the Young Europeans” was realized within the framework of Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 1 "European Remembrance", co-funded by the European Union.

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